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Footprints Erased: Sudbury's Story of Environmental Hope

When we think about the effects humankind has had on our environment, we ask ourselves, “have we gone too far?”

Are the footprints of previous generations to be permanent scars?

While many lose hope, we see where change is possible. Fifty years ago, the people, governments and mining companies in Sudbury recognized that, no matter how afflicted their environment was, it was not beyond repair.

Sudbury, Ontario, is a testament to what we can do to bring a devastated landscape back to beauty and health.

Almost 12 million trees have been planted, achieving a remarkable rebirth. Soils are returning to balance. Wetlands are healthy and flourishing.

Green hills and valleys are being restored, the meadows taking on a painter’s palette of colour. The air is fresh and clean, wildlife returning once again.

As our industries continue to sustain the communities that live in this lush and vibrant land, Sudbury is a beacon of hope and an example to the world that learning from the past can inspire us to do better. We all play a continuing role in caring for our planet. With hard work and hope, Sudbury is re-emerging green and proud. And growing.